“Marriage is finding that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” – Rita Rudner

“After 11 years together, we’ve mastered the art of arguing over the smallest things and making them last for hours.”

“Love is spending the last 11 years together and still having no clue what you’re doing half the time.”

“11 years of togetherness means we’ve successfully survived 4,015 annoying habits.”

“In 11 years, we’ve managed to accumulate more inside jokes than actual possessions.”

“Marriage is having someone to share your secrets and hide your snacks from.”

“After 11 years, we’ve realized that sharing our bed doesn’t mean we’re sharing the blanket.”

“They say marriage is all about compromise, but after 11 years, I’m still waiting for my partner to learn the meaning of the word.”

“11 years of togetherness means we’ve seen each other at our worst, and we’re still willing to take cute selfies together.”

“Love is watching the same TV show together for 11 years and still pretending we’re invested in the plot.”

“After 11 years, we’ve learned that ‘happily ever after’ is just the beginning of an endless list of household chores.”

“Marriage is waking up every morning and realizing you’re still stuck with each other for another day.”

“After 11 years, we’ve gained a lot of wrinkles and gray hair, but also a deeper appreciation for cheap wine.”

“11 years together means we’ve reached a point where we can predict each other’s bad jokes before they even leave our lips.”

“Love is being able to finish each other’s sentences after 11 years, even if it’s just to tell each other to be quiet.” CLOSE MY HEART QUOTES

“After 11 years, we still find joy in annoying each other on a daily basis.”

“Marriage is a partnership where one person always eats the last slice of pizza and the other pretends not to care.”

“11 years of togetherness means we’ve become experts in turning house chores into competitive sports.”

“Love is having someone by your side who’s just as weird as you after 11 years together.”

“After 11 years, we’ve realized that love is not just about the big grand gestures, but also the small daily acts of kindness.”

“Marriage is finding that one person who can always make you laugh, even after 11 years of sharing a bathroom.”

“11 years together means we’ve lost count of the times we’ve accidentally worn matching outfits.”

“Love is having someone to blame your bad habits on after 11 years of togetherness.”

“After 11 years, we’ve learned that apologizing and giving chocolate is the secret to marital harmony.”

“Marriage is an endless debate about what to watch on TV, even after 11 years together.”

“11 years of togetherness means we no longer bother with fancy date nights, and are content with Netflix and sweatpants.”

“Love is being able to argue about the thermostat setting for 11 years and still wake up next to each other in the morning.”

“After 11 years, we’ve realized that love is not just about finding the right person, but also about being the right person for each other.”