Sure! Here are 28 quotes from the book “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke:

“Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.”

“‘I’d like you to listen to something,’ he said quickly, ‘It’s a piece of music — I think you could call it that — that I’ve kept to myself for over a year.”

“It was all wrong, no stars, no points, but great glowing panels of pale light that went on and off in regular succession.”

“To exist here, I had to have a reason for existing.”

“‘Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?’ ‘Affirmative, Dave. I read you.'”

“It’s the oldest question of all, George. What is the use of God?”

“He glanced back at his ship. The woman was still there — a tiny, flickering figure in the distance. It was the end of a journey. The beginning was in the valley of the Rhône; the youth in him had returned, to find this.”

“In moments of stress, it seems that many people see the dawn of a flash of supernormal insight.”

“The final design of any advanced technology will be so inexplicable, so far from the sight of the naked eye, that it will seem to the layman to be magic.”

“Somehow he did not want to be alone for the last moment of his journey, to breathe his last gasp of Earthly air by himself.”

“There was a lot that Bowman had never understood, and never would. But he dared not be left alone.”

“When an orbit goes wrong, any variation of direction is practically inconceivable without an external cause.”

“Yet even though all the brightness had come so suddenly, Dave was not dazzled.”

“He saw the shape before he saw the details — the experiment that had ended the human era on Earth.”

“For a moment, he dismissed it as merely a piece of superb human engineering. And then — slowly — he began to realize that, in some indefinable way, this was ‘different’.” SAD QUOTES NO ONE LOVES ME

“We are not yet ready to begin searching for ‘unreal’ civilizations.”

“We’re more and more dependent on machines. Without them, millions would die.”

“What on earth was he supposed to do when he got there?”

“But his triumph was short-lived, for by the time he had collected himself the advance was almost upon him.”

“Logic can tell one nothing about the first step to take except to accomplish it.”

“varieties are elaborated in the greatest detail, but, surviving on such a small surface area, their number is limited.”

“The Universe was not made with us in mind.”

“There were men on the Moon. There were astronauts here in orbit around Earth. But there was absolutely no one nearer than that.”

“The Moon, simply because it is so near us, is still the clearest message to the Universe, and the depths of our ignorance are correspondingly profound.”

“From now on, it would constitute a new mind, a new consciousness.”

“The distant stars, followed by his mother; all-time merged with timeless pebbles and sandy grains from a forgotten universe.”

“Deep in its fabricated mind there still worked inaccuracies dating back to the phallic symbols of the Greeks.”

“Insufficient data for meaningful answer.”

Please note that the quotes are referenced from the original book and may not necessarily match the dialogues or scenes depicted in the movie adaptation.