“Marriage is like a workshop, where you work together to fix all the little faults and imperfections…and then celebrate with cake!”

“Cheers to thirty years of putting up with each other’s bad jokes and still laughing together!”

“After thirty years, you deserve a gold medal for tolerating each other’s quirks!”

“Here’s to three decades of being the perfect partners in crime – stealing each other’s hearts!”

“Thirty years together and you still manage to tolerate each other’s morning breath – that’s true love!”

“Congratulations on thirty years of love, laughter, and putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!”

“They say laughter is the best medicine, and you two must have been prescribed a lifetime supply!”

“Thirty years together and you’ve officially become experts in the art of hilarious bickering!”

“Out of all the things in this world, true love and a good sense of humor are the hardest to find – but you nailed it!”

“Happy 30th anniversary! Here’s to never running out of cheesy jokes and puns!”

“They say couples start to look alike after being together for a while. Guess you two have been laughing so much, you’re now the ultimate duo!”

“Happy pearl anniversary! Thirty years of love, laughter, and mastering the art of selective hearing!” HOW TO QUOTE A SENTENCE FROM A BOOK

“You two are living proof that love and laughter really do make the world go ’round – and your marriage rock solid!”

“Congratulations on thirty years of enjoying each other’s company…and occasional eye rolls!”

“Thirty years together, and you still know how to keep the spark alive – through laughter and hilarious pranks!”

“Who needs reality shows when we have you two as the ultimate comedy duo? Happy 30th anniversary!”

“Life may be full of ups and downs, but as long as you keep laughing together, the ride becomes a lot smoother!”

“Happy 30th anniversary! Here’s to thirty more years of inside jokes and endless laughter!”

“They say age is just a number, but in your case, it’s a number with thirty years of hilarious memories!”

“Cheers to three decades of laughing at each other’s quirky habits and still choosing to stay married!”

“They say laughter adds years to your life – well, you two must be eternal by now!”

“Happy 30th anniversary! You’ve proved that love and laughter are the ultimate fountain of youth!”

“After thirty years, you’ve mastered the art of love and laughter – and it shows in every smile you share.”