“Gone but never forgotten, your love and memory live on in our hearts.”

“In loving memory of our dear father, who touched our lives in countless ways.”

“You may be gone from sight, but you are always with us, guiding and protecting.”

“Six years may have passed, but the emptiness in our hearts remains the same.”

“We miss you more with each passing day, but find solace in knowing you’re in a better place.”

“Your loss has left a void that can never be filled, but we hold onto precious memories.”

“You may have left this world, but your spirit continues to shine through us.”

“Today marks another year without your presence, and the pain never quite fades away.”

“We remember your love, strength, and wisdom, and honor your memory on this day.”

“Though you are no longer here, your legacy lives on in the lessons you taught us.”

“Time passes, but the impact you made on our lives remains eternally.”

“As we remember you today, we cherish the moments we shared and the love you gave.”

“You were the rock of our family, and your absence is deeply felt in our lives.”

“We gather to honor your memory and celebrate the incredible person you were.” QUOTES ABOUT BOXING DAY

“Through the tears and sadness, we find strength in the beautiful memories you left us.”

“It’s been six years, but it feels like yesterday when we last held you close.”

“Your love and guidance remain with us, reminding us that you’re always by our side.”

“We light a candle in your memory, symbolizing the everlasting light you brought into our lives.”

“Six years since you’ve been gone, but the impact you made on us will last a lifetime.”

“We still feel your presence in every moment, and your absence is deeply felt.”

“In the stillness of our hearts, your love continues to echo, giving us strength.”

“Your life may ended, but love surpasses the boundaries of time.”

“We honor your memory and celebrate the incredible father you were.”

“Though you’re not physically here, your spirit remains forever alive within us.”

“Your presence is missed, but your love and wisdom guide us through each day.”

“Six years ago, the world lost an extraordinary father, but heaven gained an angel.”