“A toxic person will always find a way to justify their harmful behavior.”

“Don’t wait for a toxic person to change; focus on changing yourself and your response to them.”

“Toxic people only change when it benefits them, not because they genuinely want to.”

“You can’t expect a toxic person to suddenly become kind when they have a history of being destructive.”

“A toxic person will continue to manipulate and blame others instead of taking responsibility for their actions.”

“Don’t waste your time hoping for a toxic person to change; instead, surround yourself with positive influences.”

“No amount of reasoning or pleading will make a toxic person alter their toxic behaviors.”

“A toxic person thrives on controlling and manipulating others; they won’t change unless it fits their agenda.”

“Trying to change a toxic person is like trying to teach a fish to climb a tree; it’s impossible.”

“Toxic people don’t see the need for change because they believe their actions are always justified.”

“Expecting a toxic person to change is like expecting a snake not to bite.” RELATIONSHIP QUARREL QUOTES

“A toxic person doesn’t value the well-being of others, and they won’t change unless it directly benefits them.”

“Confronting a toxic person about their behavior will often only escalate the toxicity; it’s best to distance yourself.”

“Change can only happen when someone acknowledges their toxic traits, something a toxic person rarely does.”

“A toxic person will continue to drain your energy and happiness unless you detach from their influence.”

“Believing a toxic person will change is giving false hope to yourself and enabling their toxic behavior.”

“A toxic person will always find a way to twist the truth and manipulate the situation to their advantage.”

“Don’t expect empathy or understanding from a toxic person; they lack the ability to empathize with others.”

“Changing a toxic person requires genuine self-reflection and a desire for personal growth, which they rarely possess.”

“Toxic people may say they will change, but their actions will inevitably speak louder than their words.”