“Giving a child up for adoption is not giving up; it’s giving them a chance at a better life.”

“Birth mothers are heroes, making the ultimate sacrifice for their child.”

“Adoption is not about abandoning a child; it’s about finding them a loving family.”

“A birth mother’s love is selfless and brave.”

“A birth mother’s decision to choose adoption shows incredible strength and courage.”

“The choice to place a child for adoption is an act of love beyond measure.”

“A birth mother’s love never ends, even though her role may change.”

“Adoption is an act of unconditional love, both for the child and birth mother.”

“Birth mothers leave an indelible mark on their child’s life, even if they are not there physically.”

“A birth mother’s strength lies in her ability to place her child’s needs above her own.”

“Adoption is the gift of a family, and birth mothers are at the heart of that gift.”

“Birth mothers have the power to provide their child with opportunities they might not have had otherwise.” QUOTE ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY

“Adoption is a testament to a birth mother’s love and her desire for her child to have the best life possible.”

“Birth mothers are not forgotten; their sacrifice is always remembered and appreciated.”

“A birth mother’s love is forever woven into the fabric of her child’s life.”

“Birth mothers are not giving up; they are taking a different path to motherhood.”

“The decision to choose adoption is a profound act of selflessness and love that only a birth mother can fully understand.”

“A birth mother’s bond with her child is unbreakable, regardless of distance or time.”

“Birth mothers may have many reasons for choosing adoption, but ultimately, it’s about the well-being and happiness of the child.”

“Birth mothers are unsung heroes, making a sacrifice for the future of their child.”

“Adoption is a choice made out of love, with the child’s best interests at heart.”

“A birth mother’s legacy is the love she gives and the life she helps create through the gift of adoption.”