“Allah is the only One who deserves our worship and praise.”

“There is no deity except Allah.”

“Allah is the creator of everything.”

“Allah is the all-knowing and all-wise.”

“Allah is the most merciful and forgiving.”

“Allah is the ultimate source of guidance.”

“Allah is the most just and fair.”

“Allah is the guardian of our hearts and minds.”

“Allah is the sustainer of the universe.”

“Allah is the all-powerful and mighty.”

“Allah is the eternal and timeless.” MY SON FUNNY QUOTES

“Allah is the source of peace and tranquility.”

“Allah is the all-hearing and all-seeing.”

“Allah is the most compassionate and loving.”

“Allah is the source of all blessings and abundance.”

“Allah is the most patient and forgiving.”

“Allah is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.”

“Allah is the most beautiful and majestic.”

“Allah is the ultimate source of strength and protection.”

“Allah is the only refuge from all trials and hardships.”