“And My Mercy encompasses all things.” – Quran 7:156

“Indeed, Allah is with the merciful.” – Quran 9:128

“My Mercy exceeds My Wrath.” – Hadith

“Allah’s Mercy is near to the righteous.” – Quran 7:56

“Allah loves those who are merciful.” – Quran 9:128

“Allah is more merciful to His slaves than this mother is to her child.” – Hadith

“Allah shows mercy to those who are merciful to others.” – Hadith

“Allah showers His Mercy on those who seek forgiveness.” – Quran 9:104

“Allah is ever merciful to the believers.” – Quran 33:43

“In Allah’s Mercy, the believers should find comfort.” – Quran 10:107

“Allah’s Mercy is limitless and all-encompassing.” – Quran 64:14

“Allah’s Mercy is the key to salvation.” – Quran 2:157

“Allah’s Mercy is beyond human comprehension.” – Quran 3:156

“Allah’s Mercy is bestowed upon all creation.” – Quran 7:56

“Allah’s Mercy encompasses every aspect of life.” – Quran 3:156 FAMOUS ENGLISH FOOTBALL QUOTES

“Allah’s Mercy is a source of hope for the believers.” – Quran 19:57

“Allah’s Mercy is the source of our existence.” – Quran 6:133

“Allah’s Mercy is the ultimate protection from harm.” – Quran 32:30

“Allah’s Mercy is vast and all-encompassing.” – Quran 63:5

“Allah’s Mercy is a sign of His love for His creation.” – Quran 30:21

“Allah’s Mercy is always present, even in times of hardship.” – Quran 3:156

“Allah’s Mercy is the essence of His divine attributes.” – Quran 6:12

“Allah’s Mercy is the greatest gift a person can receive.” – Hadith

“Allah’s Mercy is a sanctuary for the troubled souls.” – Quran 7:56

“Allah’s Mercy is a source of healing and comfort.” – Quran 9:71

“Allah’s Mercy is a source of guidance and enlightenment.” – Quran 57:28

“Allah’s Mercy is a reminder of His everlasting love for us.” – Quran 7:56

“Allah’s Mercy is a source of strength and resilience.” – Hadith