“Allah is always with you, guiding you through every step of the way.”

“Trust in Allah’s plan, for He knows what is best for you.”

“When you feel lost, remember that Allah is the best navigator.”

“Allah’s love and mercy are an eternal embrace that will never let you go.”

“Have faith in Allah’s timing, for He is never late, nor early, but always on time.”

“Allah’s provisions are abundant, be patient and He will provide for you.”

“Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein, seeking to ease your burdens.”

“Allah is the ultimate protector, seek refuge in Him and fear no harm.”

“Allah’s plan for you is greater than any plan you may have for yourself.”

“When you can’t find the strength to carry on, surrender to Allah and let Him carry you.”

“Allah will never burden a soul more than it can bear; trust His wisdom.”

“Allah’s help is just a prayer away, so keep calling upon Him.”

“In every hardship, remember that Allah’s mercy is greater.”

“Allah’s love for you is immeasurable; don’t underestimate His care.”

“Allah knows what lies in your heart, and He will answer your prayers accordingly.”

“Your every step is guided by Allah’s grace; have faith in His guidance.” AMOUR QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“Allah’s plan is bigger than your worries; trust His plan and let go of fear.”

“Allah will never leave you alone; cling to Him even in your darkest moments.”

“Allah’s knowledge encompasses all things, trust in His limitless wisdom.”

“Allah is the best of caretakers, never doubting His ability to care for you.”

“Allah’s love is a shield against all harm, so fear not and have faith in Him.”

“Allah’s light will always guide you out of the darkness; seek it with sincerity.”

“Allah’s mercy is a healing balm for your wounds, trust in His healing power.”

“Allah will lead you to prosperity, for He is the source of all blessings.”

“When you feel alone, remember that Allah is your constant companion.”

“Allah’s plan for you is unique; embrace it with gratitude and trust.”

“Allah sees and hears your every prayer, so pour your heart out to Him.”

“Allah’s love for you is greater than any love you can ever imagine.”

“In Allah’s presence, all worries fade away; seek His solace and find peace.”

“Allah never leaves His servants in despair; have hope in His infinite mercy.”