“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.” – Walt Disney

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move, but the art of movements that are drawn.” – Norman McLaren

“Animation is about creating the illusion of life.” – Brad Bird

“Animation is a way to tell a story without any limitations.” – Hayao Miyazaki

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment.” – Walt Disney

“The whole essence of good drawing—Of good animation—is to create a character not a drawing.” – Joe Murray

“Animation is not just about making cartoons, it’s about making memories.” – Norman McLaren

“Animation can make anything happen anywhere, anytime.” – John Lasseter

“Animation is about creating worlds and characters that come alive.” – Hayao Miyazaki

“Animation is the art of bringing imagination to life.” – Brad Bird

“Animation is a way to explore new dimensions and possibilities.” – Walt Disney SHORT AGRICULTURE QUOTES

“Animation is the illusion of life.” – Norman McLaren

“Animation allows us to dream with our eyes open.” – Hayao Miyazaki

“Animation is a powerful tool to communicate dreams and emotions.” – Brad Bird

“Animation brings things to life that can’t be done in live-action.” – John Lasseter

“Animation is a universal language that crosses all barriers.” – Walt Disney

“Animation is a mix of science and art, technology and creativity.” – Norman McLaren

“Animation is about pushing boundaries and creating new realities.” – Hayao Miyazaki

“Animation is a collaborative art form that brings people together.” – Brad Bird

“Animation is the constant pursuit of giving life to ideas and imagination.” – John Lasseter