“Life is a series of disappointments and failures.”

“Happiness is just an illusion.”

“Success is fleeting and never lasts.”

“Nothing good ever lasts.”

“Hope is pointless; it only leads to disappointment.”

“Love is just a temporary distraction from pain.”

“Dreams are for the weak; reality is harsh.”

“Faith in humanity is a naive and foolish concept.”

“Trust no one; everyone will eventually betray you.”

“Joy is a fleeting emotion; sorrow is your constant companion.”

“There is no purpose or meaning to life; we are all just walking towards our inevitable demise.”

“Optimism is a delusion; reality is cruel and unforgiving.”

“Mind over matter is a fallacy; the mind is weak and easily overwhelmed.” FUNNY MOVING ON QUOTES

“Strength is an illusion; we are all ultimately powerless in the face of adversity.”

“Happiness is a luxury that only the ignorant can afford.”

“Life is a never-ending struggle, and we are destined to lose.”

“Success is reserved for the fortunate few; the rest of us are doomed to mediocrity.”

“Love only brings heartache and pain.”

“Dreams are just empty wishes; they will never come true.”

“Faith in oneself is foolish; everyone is destined for failure.”

“Trust is a weakness that can be exploited by others.”

“Joy is a fleeting emotion, easily overshadowed by despair.”

“Purpose in life is a myth; we are all just aimlessly drifting through existence.”

“Optimism is a foolish concept; reality will always bring disappointment.”