“I don’t believe in the divine rights of kings, or queens.” – George Galloway

“The royal family is simply a costly relic of the past.” – Peter Tatchell

“The idea that someone is born into a position of power and privilege is archaic and undemocratic.” – Richard Dawkins

“The royal family is a symbol of inherited privilege and inequality.” – Russell Brand

“Why should the taxpayers fund a lavish lifestyle for the royal family?” – Jeremy Corbyn

“The royal family represents a feudal system that has no place in modern society.” – Alex Salmond

“The monarchy perpetuates a culture of deference and hierarchy.” – Polly Toynbee

“The concept of monarchy goes against the principles of meritocracy.” – A.C. Grayling

“The royal family is an anachronism in a society that values equality and fairness.” – David Icke

“I don’t see why we should continue funding an institution that serves no practical purpose.” – Caitlin Moran

“The royal family is a drain on the economy, with no real economic benefit.” – Owen Jones

“The idea that certain individuals are born to rule is fundamentally undemocratic.” – Billy Bragg

“The royal family is a reminder of Britain’s colonial past and its oppressive legacy.” – Shashi Tharoor GRAVEYARD BOOK QUOTES

“The monarchy reinforces class divisions and social inequality.” – Ken Loach

“The royal family is a spectacle that distracts from more pressing issues.” – Naomi Klein

“The monarchy serves as a distraction from the problems facing ordinary people.” – Grace Blakeley

“The royal family is a symbol of privilege and entitlement.” – Germaine Greer

“The idea of monarchy contradicts the principles of a democratic society.” – Michael Foot

“The royal family’s excessive wealth is offensive considering the poverty that exists in this country.” – Kate Maltby

“The royal family perpetuates a culture of elitism and exclusivity.” – Peter Hitchens

“I see no reason why we should continue to kowtow to an unelected family.” – Harriet Harman

“The royal family is a relic of a bygone era and has no relevance in the modern world.” – John Rentoul

“Monarchy is an outdated institution that serves no purpose in a progressive society.” – Sara Pascoe

“The idea of a hereditary head of state is both irrational and unfair.” – David Lammy