“Beware of those who pretend to be your friends but have a venomous heart.”

“A snake in the grass is still a snake, no matter how much it slithers.”

“Those who smile to your face but stab you in the back are the true snakes in your life.”

“A true friend is like a diamond, precious and rare. A snake friend is like a thorn, ready to hurt you.”

“Watch out for those who flatter you excessively, for they may have ulterior motives.”

“A snake friend will always try to take advantage of your kindness and generosity.”

“Stay alert and be wary of those who gossip and spread rumors about you.”

“Snake friends may betray you when they see an opportunity for personal gain.”

“Trust your instincts and keep an eye out for signs of someone being a snake in disguise.”

“Let go of snake friends, for they only want to bring you down with them.”

“Be careful who you trust, for snakes never shed their deceptive ways.”

“Snake friends will only be there for you as long as you serve their purpose.” WHEN YOU MEET SOMEONE UNEXPECTEDLY QUOTES

“Don’t be fooled by the surface-level charm of a snake friend; their true colors will eventually show.”

“A snake friend will always find a way to manipulate situations to their advantage.”

“Keep your circle small and your loyalty to genuine friends unwavering.”

“Snake friends are like quicksand; the more you struggle, the deeper you sink.”

“Don’t let the venom of a snake friend poison your life with negativity and deceit.”

“Stay away from those who drain your energy and bring toxicity into your life.”

“Be cautious of those who are quick to betray your trust for their own gain.”

“A snake friend will often weigh you down while a true friend lifts you up.”

“Choose your friends wisely; a snake cannot change its skin, and a deceptive friend cannot change their ways.”

“Always remember, serpents slither silently, and snake friends deceive discreetly.”