“There should be different rewards for the death of his friend, and for the slaying of his own people.” – Beowulf

“I resolved when I sat at the feast, to fulfill my destiny or to die in the attempt.” – Beowulf

“One good deed we never forget, and here you have come and won to your glorious goal, friend Beowulf.” – Hrothgar

“Wherefore Unferth, I prophesy this, thou son of Ecglaf: It shall be an easy thing for thy king to slay the dreaded Grendel now.” – Beowulf

“To you we owe our full deliverance from the night of struggle and anguish.” – Hrothgar

“Often when one keeps good thoughts in mind, they help a man take heart throughout the ordeal.” – Beowulf

“A hero cannot live without the belief in both good and evil.” – Beowulf

“He showed no signs of cowardice and no lack of bravery.” – Beowulf

“Each of us shall act as fate determines.” – Wiglaf

“A leader should bring his men to the feast with a calm heart.” – Beowulf

“Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not already marked.” – Beowulf

“Beowulf is my name! I shall win the gold by my courage, or else mortal combat, doom of battle, will bear your lord away.” – Beowulf

“Whoever heard of such bravery shown by one man, in the very heat of the battle! His shield protected his life.” – Beowulf BANE QUOTES NO ONE CARED

“And I say to you, that the victory, dear as it is, has come to you alone. Through your single courage, it is clear to all men how nobly you dared!” – Hrothgar

“For that, my friend, your fame among men will never die.” – Beowulf

“Yet if you are not of the evil race, but valiant from courage, then arise quickly.” – Beowulf

“I must consider how to get the better of this monster.” – Beowulf

“That is how one pays back a cowardly foe! Treat his life with strong hands!” – Beowulf

“Pain comes to all men, mighty survivor of heroes, to chiefs in their strength.” – Beowulf

“Never have I known a worse affront. Thou art now relinquished to thy Island’s decline.” – Beowulf

“And now ’tis done—thy glory and honor are sure.” – Beowulf

“The foe was stubborn, I was stronger—each assailed the other.” – Beowulf

“God did not make them too powerful, in such a way that swift-footed came upon this man from hostile hands.” – Beowulf

“Swiftly does the homicide repay things like deeds!” – Beowulf

“Faithful friend was dear to his fellows; nor failed them for need the nobleman’s gifts.” – Beowulf