“You don’t get into ethics by losing arguments. You get into ethics by winning arguments, and then thinkin’ about them for the next twenty years.”

“I wasn’t born in Arizona, I was forged in a volcano.”

“I love stealing, I love taking things. It’s so fun!”

“Bortles! Bortles!”

“Blake Bortles is my dad!”

“We were all doin’ bad stuff, so that’s why we all died, and went to the bad place. And maybe if we all do good things, we can get into the good place.”

“Fork me! I’m out of shrimp.”

“Jeremy Bearimy, baby!”

“This is a rare case of me not needing to talk about Ariana Grande’s music, ’cause her actions are so much louder than her words.”

“I’ve never been closer to finding out if souls are real. Let’s go into the portal and meet the judge!”

“Once you open up your mind, you’re never gonna get bored. ‘Cause there’s always exciting stuff going on that you’ll be interested in if you let yourself be.” MASI QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“All the gin and tonics in the world won’t make you an explorer.”

“Brains are not everything. You need strength. You need courage. And you definitely need a substantial criminal record.”

“Enemies multiply!”

“Should I be a detective? I feel like I’d be an amazing detective.”

“Maybe love isn’t supposed to make sense. Maybe it’s about finding someone who challenges you to be the best version of yourself.”

“I like to whisper, too. Sometimes I whisper “I’m Batman” over and over for no reason.”

“The answer is almost always doughnuts.”

“I’m not going to fight her, because I’m scared and I’m weak. But also, I genuinely do not want to be deceased.”

“Janet, you were supposed to be in my wedding photos. You were my best man!”