“I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me.”

“In the end, time will remember only what you have created, not what you have destroyed.”

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

“There is no justice in letting a killer go free, even in the name of mercy.”

“Sometimes it’s best to let the world burn, and start anew.”

“Faith can move mountains, but it’s best not to underestimate a good pair of boots.”

“The deeds of men outweigh the words of gods.”

“Forgiveness can be the greatest weapon of all.”

“The fire of vengeance burns brighter than any flame.”

“We all have our sins, but it’s how we face them that defines us.”

“Hope is a powerful motivator, but it can also blind you to reality.” RUDE RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

“The path to redemption is often long and riddled with obstacles.”

“Fear is a powerful motivator, but it can also paralyze you.”

“True strength lies not in the body, but in the mind.”

“Sometimes the greatest sacrifice is the one that saves others.”

“It’s the fire inside that keeps us going, even in the darkest of times.”

“We are not defined by what we have lost, but by what we are willing to fight for.”

“Revenge is a dish best served cold, but forgiveness can be even colder.”

“There are no shortcuts on the path to redemption.”

“Sometimes the hardest battles are the ones fought within ourselves.”

“It is in our darkest moments that we find our true character.”