“Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar.” – Samuel Griswold Goodrich

“Abuse grows from immaturity, dissatisfaction, and neglect.” – Anne Wilson Schaef

“The scars from mental cruelty can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps, but are often not as obvious.” – Lundy Bancroft

“When you call an animal that is being beaten a name, you are really laying on that animal with the whip.” – Alice Walker

“Abuse is never deserved, it is only destructive.” – Karen A. Duncan

“The emotional scars of abuse are not easily visible, but they run deep.” – Unknown

“Abuse changes your life… forever.” – Unknown

“Abuse is the desperate cry of a wounded soul.” – Unknown

“Abuse is controlling, manipulation, and using power to belittle and degrade.” – Unknown

“Abuse is a betrayal of love.” – Unknown

“Abuse is never love, no matter how much it may seem like it.” – Unknown

“The pain of abuse is not diminished by the love of the abuser.” – Unknown

“Abuse is a violation of trust, boundaries, and basic human rights.” – Unknown POSITIVE QUOTES HINDI

“Abuse doesn’t have an expiration date, it lingers in the shadows of the survivor’s mind.” – Unknown

“Toxic relationships are like slow poison, eating away at your self-worth and happiness.” – Unknown

“Abuse is a tear in the fabric of one’s soul.” – Unknown

“Abuse devalues and diminishes a person’s worth, leaving them broken and scarred.” – Unknown

“Recognizing abuse is the first step towards breaking free from its grip.” – Unknown

“Abuse kills the soul while leaving the body alive.” – Unknown

“Abuse is silence’s best ally, speak up and break free.” – Unknown

“Abuse is never a sign of strength, but rather a reflection of weakness and insecurity.” – Unknown

“The cycle of abuse can only be broken by ending the silence and seeking help.” – Unknown

“Abuse thrives in the darkness, but it withers away in the light of truth and justice.” – Unknown

“Healing from abuse is a journey of rediscovering one’s worth and reclaiming one’s power.” – Unknown