“Can’t nobody touch you if you truly trust in God.” – Tupac Shakur

“Life’s a mess, pray to God, can you help me? Wish society believed in things like faith and hope.” – Chance the Rapper

“God give me style; God give me grace. God put a smile on my face.” – 50 Cent

“Only God can judge me, so I’m gone. Either love me or leave me alone.” – J. Cole

“God’ll give you everything that you lack. Just stay true to yourself, stay on track.” – Eminem

“I pray to God I ain’t here for nothin’, yeah. I pray to God I ain’t here for nothin’.” – Drake

“God bless the child, like whoa. Hallelujah, holla back.” – Kendrick Lamar

“I can see the finish line with each line that I finish. I’m so close to my goals, I can almost pole vault over the goalpost.” – Kanye West

“God is my witness and he watching for real, real.” – Lil Wayne

“Dear God, I’m tryna keep my faith, but I’m looking for more.” – Logic

“God, save me from the wicked tongues.” – Jay-Z

“God is my plug and he browsing in my catalog.” – Travis Scott

“Pray for me, organize yourselves, mourn me lost, but celebrate my Life, I’m glad to die a warrior for His righteousness.” – Nipsey Hussle INSPIRATIONAL LOVE FAMILY QUOTES

“God’s my lawyer, so when I die, I’m going out high.” – Snoop Dogg

“I’m just tryna get closer to God, even if it means it gotta bleed through my scars.” – NF

“Dear God, I’d like to take a minute not to ask for any favors but to simply say thank you for my haters.” – The Notorious B.I.G.

“It’s hard to see blessings when your eyes are filled with pain, but God works in mysterious ways.” – A$AP Rocky

“God willing, every one of my descendants shine.” – JAY-Z

“The greatest man, that ever lived, died and rose again for us, please forgive.” – T.I.

“You gotta know that God is giving you amazing grace, living life like I’m dying in 30 days.” – Lecrae

“I know that God is real and he be watching over me.” – Lil Baby

“God bless these hungry hands, I’m just tryna get my food for thought.” – Joey Bada$$

“God’s soldiers who lives fearlessly from the gun smoke.” – Wu-Tang Clan

“I need a favor from God, call it a special request.” – Logic

“Thank you God, because there’s no better feeling than being believed in.” – NF