“For the Horde!” – Thrall

“Victory or death!” – Garrosh Hellscream

“What are you looking at?” – Sylvanas Windrunner

“I will not be denied!” – Illidan Stormrage

“The light does not abandon its champions.” – Uther the Lightbringer

“We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way.” – Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

“May your blades never dull.” – Varian Wrynn

“Taz’dingo!” – Vol’jin

“Death is fleeting. Pride is forever.” – Grand Apothecary Putress

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – High Overlord Saurfang

“I am the lucid dream.” – Ysera

“In the end, death claims us all.” – Sylvanas Windrunner

“Warriors of the frozen wastes, rise!” – Arthas Menethil

“What is strength without wisdom?” – Tyrande Whisperwind

“I see only darkness before me.” – Illidan Stormrage SISTER LOVE TO HER BROTHER QUOTES

“In the Light, we are one.” – Turalyon

“From this seal shall arise the doom of men.” – Lich King

“By the might of the Lich King!” – Arthas Menethil

“Glory to the Sindorei!” – Lady Liadrin

“The unyielding force meets the immovable object.” – Malfurion Stormrage

“In the embrace of the moon, secrets of the universe reveal themselves.” – Tyrande Whisperwind

“Puny mortal.” – Kil’jaeden

“This world will burn!” – Deathwing

“Shadows gather, and darkness reigns.” – Gul’dan

“Life is meaningless. It is in death that we are truly tested.” – Varimathras

“There must always be a Lich King.” – Bolvar Fordragon

“We are the sons of the desert. The champions of the Horde.” – Baine Bloodhoof

“The Alliance will endure!” – Anduin Wrynn

“What lies ahead, only the gods can see.” – Queen Azshara