“God is good, if you’re willing to put the work in.”

“We walk by faith, not by sight.”

“In a world without faith, humanity is lost.”

“The truth will set you free, even in the midst of darkness.”

“Do not let your heart be troubled, have faith in God.”

“The dust may settle, but the truth never fades away.”

“Sometimes we have to lose everything to truly find ourselves.”

“Faith gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle.”

“In the dust, we find the remnants of humanity’s sins.”

“The Book of Eli teaches us the power of perseverance and determination.”

“Even in the midst of chaos, hope can be found in faith.”

“Believe in the unseen, for it holds more truth than what is visible.”

“The dust of the past can either bury you or be the foundation for your future.”

“Do not fear the unknown, for God is with us in every step of our journey.”

“The Book of Eli reminds us that we all have a purpose, even in the darkest times.” HEART TOUCHING FRIENDSHIP BROKEN QUOTES

“Faith is the compass that guides us through the dust of life.”

“Wisdom is found in the pages of the book, but only those with faith can truly understand its message.”

“The dust may blind us, but faith opens our eyes to the truth.”

“Through faith, even the smallest act of kindness can bring light to a dark world.”

“The Book of Eli teaches us that true power lies in knowledge and wisdom.”

“In the dust of destruction, hope can still blossom.”

“A life lived with faith is a life lived with purpose.”

“The dust of the past reminds us of the mistakes we must never repeat.”

“Faith is not blind, it is the ability to see beyond what the eyes can perceive.”

“The Book of Eli teaches us that even in solitude, we never walk alone.”

“In the dust of despair, faith can be the light that guides us out.”

“The Book of Eli is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.”

“Through faith, we can turn the dust of our lives into something beautiful.”

“With faith as our guide, we can navigate through the dust and find our way to redemption.”