“Words can be like x-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced”

“In fact, you’re claiming the right to be unhappy”

“Free, free!” the Savage shouted, and with one hand continued to throw the soma into the area while, with the other, he punched the indistinguishable faces of his assailants”

“Till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too — all his life long”

“I claim them all,” said the Savage at last”

“Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth. Idiots!”

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin”

“What fun it would be if one didn’t have to think about happiness!”

“I don’t know that you’re saying our society is horrible,” she said in bewilderment. “Our science is everything to us; everything else is subordinate. It’s not enough to be superficially satisfied; we must be scientifically and biologically satisfied”

“Did you ever feel, as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out? Some sort of extra power that you aren’t using — you know, like all the water that goes down the falls instead of through the turbines?” (Page 104).

“Why was she filled with an uneasy remorse? She ought not to have published his unseemly, his almost blasphemous lamentations”

“She had come deliberately to save him, thinking: ‘That man there — it’s the man I belong to. He’s mine!'”

“The world’s stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get”

“I don’t know what I want, or feel. I don’t know what to do or think. I don’t know” POSITIVE QUOTES ABOUT BEING ALONE

“But I think I realized that you were something extraordinary even before he told me so. I heard one day that he’d come to see you in the hospital after being at some lecture or other.”

“We’ve gone on controlling ever since. It hasn’t been very good for truth, of course. But it’s been very good for happiness”

“You all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford’s: History is bunk”

“I m interested in truth, I like science. But truth’s a menace, science is a public danger. As dangerous as it’s been beneficent”

“No civilisation without social stability. No social stability without individual stability”

“The Savage looked at it [the pill] for a moment, then flung it across the room. ‘Ford!’ he said. ‘Ford!’ and shook his fist”

“Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery”

“Citizens, being recruited into the demoralized and perverted ranks of tourists – tourists who could go home at night and who were under no compulsions either to work or to behave responsibly – would be far worse than the denizens of any holiday camp”

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin” (Page 234).

“Everyone belongs to everyone else”

“For of course, some sort of general idea they must have, if they were to do their work intelligently-though as little of one as possible”

“Why it’s just like what the old Indians used to send their old people out on icebergs to do! Back to Paradise. An all that sort of thing”

” ‘O brave new world!’ Miranda was whispering to herself. ‘O brave new world that has such people in it.'”