“Old gods, hear my prayer.”

“The old gods may be silent, but they always watch.”

“In the embrace of the old gods, we find solace.”

“By the old gods and the new, I swear my allegiance.”

“The new gods may rise, but the old gods will endure.”

“May the old gods guide your path.”

“Through the old gods’ eyes, truth shall be revealed.”

“In the light of the old gods, darkness will fade.”

“Those who forsake the old gods, forsake themselves.”

“The old gods’ strength resides within us all.”

“The power of the old gods flows through nature’s veins.”

“In the eyes of the old gods, all are equal.”

“Praise be to the old gods, for they are everlasting.”

“The old gods’ wisdom is etched into the universe.”

“Through the old gods’ grace, we find courage in adversity.” SHORT POSITIVE QUOTES SELF LOVE

“The old gods’ whispers guide us towards our destiny.”

“The old gods’ wrath is swift and just.”

“May the old gods protect us in our darkest hour.”

“The old gods demand loyalty, and loyalty we shall give.”

“The old gods’ presence is felt in every breath we take.”

“The old gods bless those who remain faithful.”

“By embracing the old gods, we embrace our true selves.”

“The old gods’ mysteries unfold as we walk their sacred path.”

“May the old gods bless this land with prosperity and peace.”

“Through devotion to the old gods, we find purpose and meaning.”

“The old gods’ love is boundless and unyielding.”

“By honoring the old gods, we honor our ancestors.”

“In the old gods’ embrace, we find sanctuary and eternal life.”