“Going dark, target acquired.”

“Entering stealth mode, enemies won’t see us coming.”

“Time to disappear into the shadows, they’ll never know what hit ’em.”

“Silent and deadly, that’s how we’ll operate from now on.”

“There’s no turning back now, we’re diving into the darkness.”

“Prepare to vanish from the enemy’s sight, it’s going to get intense.”

“Stepping into the abyss, where only the brave dare to tread.”

“Shrouded in darkness, we’ll strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.”

“Switching off the lights, it’s time to unleash chaos.”

“Beware, for we are the unseen, the hunters that strike from the dark.”

“We’ll become the nightmare, lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.”

“Our mission is to become the ghosts of war, leaving no trace behind.”

“Embrace the darkness, for it will become our greatest ally.”

“Remember, silence is our greatest weapon, use it wisely.”

“In the dark, we’ll be the avengers, the bringers of justice.”

“Prepare for the descent into the blackness, it’s time to unleash hell.” TWO WAY STREET RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

“No more mercy, no more games, it’s time to go dark and finish this.”

“We’ll blend in with the night, become one with the shadows.”

“No more time for subtleties, we’re going dark to deliver maximum destruction.”

“No lights, no rules, only chaos awaits those who oppose us.”

“The night is our sanctuary, where we thrive and leave our mark.”

“In the dark, our true potential reveals itself, and it is unstoppable.”

“Going dark means no more compromises, only ruthless determination.”

“From now on, we’ll strike like phantoms, vanishing as quickly as we appeared.”

“Gone are the days of mercy, prepare for a ruthless display of power.”

“The dark is our ally, it empowers us in ways our enemies can’t comprehend.”

“We’re stepping into the unknown, but fear will be our weapon.”

“In the shadows, we’ll operate beyond the reach of our enemies.”

“As we go dark, our enemy will realize there’s nowhere to hide.”

“In the dark, we’ll be unstoppable, legends that will haunt our foes.”