“I strive to be the purrfect mix of laziness and determination.” – Unknown

“My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a nap – I call it ‘lazily stretching’.” – Unknown

“I’m not lazy, I’m conserving energy.” – Unknown

“Life’s too short not to take naps, chase lasers, and eat treats.” – Unknown

“I could take over the world if I could just get off this fluffy bed.” – Unknown

“I may be small, but my purrsonality is mighty.” – Unknown

“If I fits, I sits. That’s the law of the cat.” – Unknown

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can adopt a cat and that’s pretty close.” – Unknown

“A cat’s life is the epitome of luxury – napping all day and getting endless attention.” – Unknown

“I may not be a morning cat, but I’m definitely a night prowler.” – Unknown

“I don’t need a therapist, I have a cat to talk to.” – Unknown

“When life gets tough, just curl up in a warm blanket and take a cat nap.” – Unknown

“I’m not fat, I’m just temporarily fluffy.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT LETTING GO OF SOMEONE YOU STILL LOVE

“I’m not ignoring you, I’m just plotting my revenge.” – Unknown

“I like to think that I’m in charge here. The humans just think they are.” – Unknown

“Yawn… Life’s tough when you’re this adorable.” – Unknown

“Cats don’t care about fame, fortune, or success. We just want love and treats.” – Unknown

“I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m just a cat.” – Unknown

“Who needs a personal trainer when I can chase my tail?” – Unknown

“Cats are like music – soothing to the soul and always a source of joy.” – Unknown

“I’m fluent in the language of purrs and meows – it’s a universal form of communication.” – Unknown

“I always land on my feet, both literally and metaphorically.” – Unknown

“If you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m the fluffy feline for the job.” – Unknown

“I may have nine lives, but I still deserve all the love in the world.” – Unknown