“Cousins are like sisters we never had.”

“Cousins by blood, but sisters by heart.”

“Having a cousin like you is a blessing that feels like having a sister.”

“We may not share the same parents, but we share the same bond of sisterhood.”

“Cousins are the best friends we have in our family.”

“Cousins are like sisters who are always there to laugh, cry, and provide unconditional support.”

“In you, I have found a sister I never knew I needed.”

“Cousins share a special kind of love that is irreplaceable and unique.”

“Cousins are the sisters we choose for ourselves.”

“Nobody can understand the depth of our sisterly bond like cousins do.”

“Cousins make the best partners-in-crime, confidantes, and sisters.” SAD QUOTES IN MALAYALAM

“Growing up with a cousin like you has made my childhood more memorable and enjoyable.”

“Having a cousin like you makes the family gatherings more fun and exciting.”

“Cousins are the built-in best friends who always have your back.”

“No matter the distance, our sisterly bond as cousins remains unbreakable.”

“Having a cousin like you feels like having a sister who understands me better than anyone else.”

“Cousins are the sisters who share not only the same roots but also the same dreams and aspirations.”

“Being cousins means we are family by blood, but being sisters means we are family by choice.”

“Cousins are the sisters we can always count on, no matter what.”

“Cousins may come and go, but the bond between us will forever remain.”

“Cousins are like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly to create a beautiful sisterly bond.”