“Cousins are friends that will love you forever.” – Constance Richards

“Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.” – Ed Cunningham

“Cousins are connected heart to heart, distance and time can’t break them apart.” – Unknown

“Cousins are like sisters and best friends rolled into one.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the perfect childhood playmates.” – Unknown

“Cousins: a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion C. Garretty

“Cousins are the friends you’re born with.” – Unknown

“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” – Unknown

“Cousins are like mirrors, reflecting both our similarities and differences.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the siblings we never had.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the siblings we share our secrets with.” – Unknown

“Cousins make the best adventure buddies.” – Unknown THANK YOU SISTER QUOTES

“Cousins are the family members who make family gatherings more fun.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the ones who make laughter a little louder, smiles a little brighter, and life a little better.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the friends who are there for you, even when you’re at your worst.” – Unknown

“Cousins are like chocolate chips in the cookie of life.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the people who make family traditions more meaningful.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the ones who understand and embrace all the quirks of our family.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the ones who know our family’s history and our own story.” – Unknown

“Cousins are like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the bonds that strengthen throughout generations.” – Unknown

“Cousins are the ones who make our family tree more vibrant and diverse.” – Unknown