“Cousins by blood, friends by choice.”

“Cousins are like sisters/brothers you never had.”

“Cousins are the perfect blend of friends and family.”

“Cousins are childhood playmates and lifelong friends.”

“Cousins may not always be around, but they’re always in your heart.”

“Cousins are the family members who truly understand you.”

“Cousins are like puzzle pieces, they fit together perfectly.”

“Cousins are the bond that holds the family together.”

“Cousins are the ones who make family gatherings fun and memorable.”

“Cousins make the journey of life a little more joyful.”

“Cousins are the best kind of relatives – they make you feel like home.”

“Cousins are the extended family you actually want to spend time with.”

“Cousins are the friends who become family.”

“Cousins are the link to your past and the bridge to your future.” FAMOUS MISSION STATEMENT QUOTES

“Cousins are the treasure you find within your own clan.”

“Cousins are the ones who make you feel proud of your family heritage.”

“Cousins make turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.”

“Cousins share a special bond that knows no distance or time.”

“Cousins are the sunshine on a cloudy day.”

“Cousins are the secret keepers and partners in crime.”

“Cousins are the silver linings in the family tree.”

“Cousins are the ones who understand your family quirks and traditions.”

“Cousins are the ones who know your deepest roots.”

“Cousins are the heart’s chosen family.”

“Cousins are the family you get to choose.”

“Cousins are connected heart to heart, no matter where they are.”