“I’m not an ugly man, huh? The mirror just cracked.” – Bad Blake

“I could always trust myself to be me.” – Bad Blake

“I can’t help myself, and I’m tired of trying.” – Jean Craddock

“It’s a mystery of human chemistry and I don’t understand it, the … lifelong companionship thing. I mean, what’s the point, really? I’m sure your dad loves your mom, but I bet he loves her just a little bit less than he loves that motorcycle.” – Bad Blake

“You don’t deserve the loyalty I give you, but you always get it.” – Bad Blake

“You know, I used to think I was a pretty good songwriter, but I realized I’m just an interpreter. I interpret feelings.” – Bad Blake

“I’m just an old broken-down piece of meat…and I’m alone. I deserve to be alone.” – Bad Blake

“You ever do anything in your life that you know damned well is good for you, but you get no pleasure out of, just nothing from?” – Bad Blake

“I used to be somebody, but now I’m somebody else.” – Bad Blake

“Sometimes, a person can do things that hurt so much, you just can’t hate them for it.” – Jean Craddock

“When you’re sober, you start to see the truth.” – Bad Blake LOVE QUOTES FOR HIM LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP TAGALOG

“A man’s gotta be what he is, Joey. You can’t break the mold.” – Bad Blake

“You know, a lot of old guys nowadays, they… they don’t care about nothing.” – Bad Blake

“You may be the one person who doesn’t belong, but you belong to me.” – Jean Craddock

“If I didn’t think you still had some potential inside you, I’d tell you to quit this gig and get a real job.” – Wayne

“I like you, Bad. You remind me of myself…when I had somebody.” – Tommy Sweet

“You know, they do write songs about divorce, but not very many because everybody gets divorced.” – Bad Blake

“We’re scouring the country now… for one smidgen of happiness, and you know why? Because they’re not getting any younger.” – Wayne

“I’m just tryin’ to do my gigs and be a good daddy.” – Bad Blake

“You know, if I could have played guitar a little better than average, I might not have done nothing else my whole life.” – Bad Blake