“I love you more than coffee, but please don’t make me prove it.” – Unknown

“You are the milk to my coffee, the sweetest addition to my life.” – Unknown

“Love and coffee are both best when served hot.” – Unknown

“I love you a latte, just like my favorite coffee.” – Unknown

“Falling in love is like the first sip of coffee in the morning, it awakens your soul.” – Unknown

“You’re the reason I wake up excited to brew our love every day.” – Unknown

“Our love is strong and bold, just like a double espresso.” – Unknown

“You’re the creamer to my coffee, making life sweeter and richer.” – Unknown

“Coffee and love are the perfect blend to start every day.” – Unknown

“You’re the morning that I look forward to, just like my first cup of coffee.” – Unknown

“My love for you is like a bottomless cup of coffee, it never runs dry.” – Unknown

“Our love is like a perfectly brewed coffee, it warms my heart and ignites my soul.” – Unknown LOVE IS LIKE A CANCER QUOTES

“Coffee may keep me awake, but love keeps me alive.” – Unknown

“Nothing can perk me up better than your love, just like a strong cup of coffee.” – Unknown

“Like coffee, love is best when shared with someone special.” – Unknown

“You’re my favorite person to share a morning coffee with.” – Unknown

“Just like a good cup of coffee, your love gives me warmth and comfort.” – Unknown

“You’re the caffeine that keeps me going, my love.” – Unknown

“Love is like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, it takes time to enjoy but it’s always worth the wait.” – Unknown

“You’re the aroma that fills my life, just like coffee fills a room.” – Unknown

“Coffee and love have one thing in common – they both make mornings better.” – Unknown

“You’re the reason my coffee tastes better and my mornings brighter.” – Unknown

“I love you a-joe-ndi, just like my love for coffee.” – Unknown