“Fake friends are like leaves, they’re scattered everywhere but always fall when it’s autumn.”

“A true friend doesn’t need an explanation; a fake friend wouldn’t believe it anyway.”

“When you discover that a friend is fake, it’s like finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real, it hurts but it’s better to know the truth.”

“A fake friend is like a shadow, they stick around when you’re in the light but disappear when you’re in the darkness.”

“False friends are like soap bubbles, they may sparkle at first but will eventually burst.”

“Fake friends are like pennies, they’re easily found but have little value.”

“A true friend is honest; a fake friend only tells you what you want to hear.”

“A friend who stabs you in the back is not a friend at all, but a disguised enemy.”

“Fake friends are like fair-weather sailors, they only want to be around when the sea is calm.”

“A genuine friend will never pretend to care; a fake friend will pretend to care only for their own benefit.”

“Fake friends are like mascara, they only stick around when things are going well.”

“A true friend will stand by your side even when the whole world turns against you; a fake friend will be the first one to join them.”

“A fake friend is like a mirage, they seem real from afar but disappear when you get closer.” MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDSHIP QUOTES

“Fake friends are like bubbles, they pop when they come in contact with reality.”

“A true friend loves you for who you are, while a fake friend only loves what you can do for them.”

“Fake friends are like mosquitoes, always buzzing in your ear but disappearing when you need them.”

“A true friend accepts your imperfections; a fake friend only highlights them.”

“Fake friends are like parasites, they drain your energy and give nothing in return.”

“A true friend gives you a shoulder to cry on; a fake friend gives you a cold shoulder.”

“Fake friends are like weeds, they grow everywhere but never add any beauty to your life.”

“A true friend knows the real you, while a fake friend only knows the version they want to see.”

“Fake friends are like sugar-coated poison; they seem sweet but harm you from within.”

“A true friend will never leave your side during tough times; a fake friend will disappear when you need them the most.”

“Fake friends are like puzzle pieces that don’t fit; they may temporarily belong but will never truly complete you.”

“A true friend is a rare jewel; hold on tight and cherish them, because fake friends are dime a dozen.”