“Self-love is necessary for self-growth, selfishness stunts it.”

“Self-love is filling your own cup, selfishness is emptying everyone else’s.”

“Self-love is empowering, selfishness is manipulative.”

“Self-love is practicing self-care, selfishness is neglecting others’ needs.”

“Self-love is being kind to yourself, selfishness is being unkind to others.”

“Self-love is accepting your imperfections, selfishness is expecting perfection from others.”

“Self-love is giving yourself grace, selfishness is expecting constant praise.”

“Self-love is embracing your uniqueness, selfishness is seeking constant validation.”

“Self-love is prioritizing yourself without disregarding others, selfishness is prioritizing yourself above all else.”

“Self-love is learning to say no when necessary, selfishness is always saying no to others.”

“Self-love is setting healthy boundaries, selfishness is disregarding others’ boundaries.”

“Self-love is celebrating your success, selfishness is not being happy for others’ achievements.”

“Self-love is forgiving yourself, selfishness is holding grudges against others.” DOG FAMILY QUOTES SHORT

“Self-love is being vulnerable and allowing others to be vulnerable too, selfishness is hiding behind a facade.”

“Self-love is giving yourself permission to make mistakes, selfishness is not acknowledging your own faults.”

“Self-love is being grateful for what you have, selfishness is always wanting more.”

“Self-love is taking responsibility for your actions, selfishness is blaming others.”

“Self-love is being confident in who you are, selfishness is arrogance.”

“Self-love is helping others without expecting anything in return, selfishness is expecting something in return for every act of kindness.”

“Self-love is being compassionate towards yourself and others, selfishness is lacking empathy.”

“Self-love is embracing change, selfishness is resisting change for the benefit of others.”

“Self-love is being comfortable with solitude, selfishness is constantly seeking attention.”

“Self-love is valuing your own needs and desires, selfishness is disregarding others’ needs and desires.”

“Self-love is accepting help when needed, selfishness is refusing help when offered.”

“Self-love is loving yourself unconditionally, selfishness is only loving yourself when it benefits you.”