“There’s a difference between God and religion. Religion is a set of rules, God is a feeling.”

“I believe in God, but not in the way people think. I believe in a higher power, but I don’t label it.”

“I talk to God every day, and he’s taught me a lot about forgiveness and redemption.”

“God gave me this talent, but he also gave me the strength to overcome my struggles.”

“Without God, I wouldn’t be here. He’s pulled me out of some dark places.”

“God is always there for me, even when I don’t deserve it.”

“I’ve made mistakes, but God has always given me a second chance.”

“God doesn’t make mistakes; everything happens for a reason.”

“I’ve been through hell and back, but God never left my side.”

“God’s love is unconditional, and I strive to love like him.”

“God is my strength when I am weak.” MISSING YOU HURTS QUOTES

“When I feel alone, I know God is with me.”

“God’s timing is perfect; I trust in his plan.”

“God has a purpose for every one of us; we just have to find it.”

“I lean on God’s guidance in everything I do.”

“God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve.”

“God’s grace and mercy have saved me from myself.”

“God’s love is the greatest force in my life.”

“I’ve learned to surrender myself to God’s will.”

“God’s presence gives me peace in the midst of chaos.”

“I’m not perfect, but I strive to live a life that honors God.”