“Drinking and driving doesn’t just take your life, it shatters the lives of those who love you.” – Unknown

“You’re not just taking a risk when you drink and drive, you’re taking lives.” – Unknown

“The pain caused by a drunk driver lasts forever.” – Unknown

“Drinking and driving may seem exciting in the moment, but its consequences are anything but.” – Unknown

“A drunk driver is like a loaded gun, waiting to cause devastation.” – Unknown

“One decision to drink and drive can ruin countless lives.” – Unknown

“Don’t let a night of fun turn into a lifetime of regret. Don’t drink and drive.” – Unknown

“Drunk driving doesn’t just end lives, it steals dreams and potential.” – Unknown

“The tears shed over a drunk driving accident are never worth the moments of recklessness.” – Unknown

“Drinking and driving is a villain’s choice, with innocent victims paying the price.” – Unknown

“Never underestimate the destruction that can come from one wrong decision to drink and drive.” – Unknown

“The buzz of alcohol should never drown out the importance of being responsible behind the wheel.” – Unknown

“Every day, lives are shattered because someone chose the bottle over the lives of others.” – Unknown

“Drinking and driving is like playing Russian roulette with innocent lives.” – Unknown

“The scars left by a drunk driving accident are more than physical, they are emotional and everlasting.” – Unknown WILL SMITH QUOTE ABOUT LOVE

“Choosing to drink and drive is choosing to abandon all sense of responsibility and care for others.” – Unknown

“Nothing is more heartbreaking than the sight of shattered dreams caused by a drunk driver.” – Unknown

“Drinking and driving is a selfish act that leaves a trail of broken lives in its wake.” – Unknown

“In an instant, a drunk driver can turn joy into sorrow, love into loss.” – Unknown

“The only thing weaker than someone who drinks and drives is their excuse for doing it.” – Unknown

“The road to regret is paved with the poor choices made by drunk drivers.” – Unknown

“Drinking and driving is the ultimate betrayal of trust – trust in your own ability and trust in the safety of others.” – Unknown

“Nothing good ever comes from mixing alcohol and a steering wheel.” – Unknown

“The consequences of drinking and driving are never worth the temporary pleasure it may bring.” – Unknown

“A drunk driver may feel invincible, but their victims know all too well the fragility of life.” – Unknown

“Nothing dulls the pain of a tragic loss like knowing it could have been prevented.” – Unknown

“Drinking and driving is a deadly cocktail that leaves no winners – only victims.” – Unknown

“Choose to make memories, not tragedies. Say no to drinking and driving.” – Unknown