“You’re my best friend and I’d hate to see you at the mercy of some stranger.”

“Peebody, the only thing worse than not having a driver’s license is not having one but having to drive Miss Daisy.”

“I never learned to drive, I never wanted to. I just never saw the need.”

“Hoke, I’ve been waiting on you my whole life.”

“Hoke, you’re my best friend, you know that?”

“You know, Miss Daisy, while you’ve been worrying about whether you have a driver or not, I’ve been worrying about you.”

“Did your ever think of having children, Hoke?” – “Oh, Miss Daisy, my heart’s as full as a tick.”

“I’m not a wealthy woman, Hoke. But I have a great deal to be thankful for.”

“I’m not in the business of hiring black men to drive me around.”

“I don’t want him nosing around in my things.”

“Hoke, why did it take you so long to get here?” – “Well, I didn’t have no way of getting here.”

“Don’t you give me any of your double-talk, Hoke.”

“That was then, this is now.” BEST QUOTES ABOUT SOCCER AND LIFE

“I’ve made a decision…and the decision is ‘no’.”

“It’s just an old, empty house, Hoke. No one wants it but me.”

“What a strange thing friendship is… weren’t you a fool not to take it?”

“I think maybe time ain’t such a big deal.”

“You can go and be with your friends now.”

“Hoke, I realized something today… I’m beholden to nobody.”

“You never know what I’m thinking, Hoke.”

“Hoke, if you want to ask me something, just ask it.” – “Well, I would if I knew what it was.”

“I always knew my blessings would outnumber my troubles.”

“Hoke, you drive too fast.” – “No I don’t, Miss Daisy. I do the best I can.”

“You’re my castle, Hoke. My castle that only I’m allowed to have.”