“Friends don’t let friends have boring engagements.”

“Engagements: Because your best friend isn’t going anywhere without you.”

“A good friend knows the engagement ring, the perfect venue, and where to find the best champagne.”

“Engagements: When you can finally legally annoy your best friend for life.”

“Friends don’t count the days until the wedding, they count the bottles of wine.”

“Engagements are like a full-time job, but with a really sparkly uniform.”

“Engagements: Where friendship goes to the next level and the planning goes to the next level of insanity.”

“Friendship is finding that one person who can calm you down during wedding planning meltdown.”

“Engagements are all fun and games until you have to start writing the guest list.”

“It’s not just a ring, it’s a lifelong subscription to your best friend’s chaos and adventures.”

“Friendship is knowing exactly what your newly-engaged friend needs: wine and a break from wedding talk.”

“Engagements: The perfect excuse for your friend to finally watch all those wedding reality shows.”

“Engagements: Where love is in the air and drama is constantly on speed dial.”

“Friendship is being the voice of reason when your friend wants to invite their third cousin twice removed to the wedding.”

“Engagements make for great stories, and even better blackmail material later on.”

“Best friends don’t need fancy engagement parties, they just need pizza and wine nights to celebrate the love.” INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION

“Engagements: When your best friend realizes they found their person and you can finally say goodbye to awkward double dates.”

“Friendship is being the bridesmaid, therapist, and wing-woman all at once during the engagement period.”

“Engagement: When your friend voluntarily signs up for a lifetime of toilet seat debates and snoring sounds.”

“Best friends share everything, including the excitement and stress of wedding planning during an engagement.”

“Engagements: The perfect opportunity to test the limits of your friend’s budget and taste in centerpieces.”

“Friendship is laughing together at the absurdity of wedding traditions during the engagement period.”

“Engagements: The time where your friend feels like a queen and you’re the official hype squad.”

“Best friends remind you that it’s not just about the perfect ring, it’s about the love and joy behind the engagement.”

“Engagements: The start of a never-ending adventure of planning, decision-making, and wedding cake tasting.”

“Friendship is making sure your newly-engaged friend remembers to breathe amidst the chaos of wedding planning.”

“Engagements: When your best friend discovers that sharing their life with someone else means sharing their Netflix queue forever.”

“Best friends support and encourage you, even during the stressful moments of an engagement.”

“Engagements bring out the best in friendship: late-night laughter, endless conversations, and constant support.”

“Friendship is having the courage to tell your friend when they’re turning into a ‘Bridezilla’ during their engagement.”