“The only person you can truly rely on is yourself.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.” – Oscar Wilde

“Selfishness, not love, is the act that kills the soul.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the greatest curse of humankind.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the root of all evil.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Selfishness is the cause of unhappiness in life.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the wall that prevents genuine connections.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is a lonely road to travel.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the destroyer of relationships.” – Unknown

“Selfishness blinds us to the needs of others.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the ultimate betrayal of trust.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the enemy of true love.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is a poison that destroys the self.” – Unknown FAMOUS QUOTES ABOUT 4AM

“Selfishness breeds contempt and resentment.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is a barrier to personal growth and enlightenment.” – Unknown

“Selfishness hinders personal and collective progress.” – Unknown

“Selfishness leads to a shallow and unfulfilled life.” – Unknown

“Selfishness robs us of true happiness.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the antithesis of kindness.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the enemy of compassion.” – Unknown

“Selfishness turns friends into enemies.” – Unknown

“Selfishness diminishes the value of our actions.” – Unknown

“Selfishness erodes our sense of empathy.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is a sign of emotional immaturity.” – Unknown

“Selfishness is the road to an empty existence.” – Unknown