“Fake friends are like shadows, constantly following you but never truly supporting you.”

“Don’t be fooled by their smiles, fake friends often use your kindness as their advantage.”

“When the going gets tough, fake friends quickly disappear.”

“A true friend will never use you for their own benefit, but fake friends always find a way.”

“Beware of those who only come around when they need something, they might be fake friends.”

“Fake friends pretend to care about you but only when it benefits them.”

“Using someone for personal gain is the truest sign of a fake friend.”

“Fake friends will always take more than they give.”

“Fake friends see you as a stepping stone, not as a genuine companion.”

“Don’t let their sweet words deceive you, fake friends will use you without hesitation.”

“A true friend will never take advantage of your vulnerability, but fake friends will exploit it.” LAUGHTER IN A RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

“A fake friend will only be there for you when they need something, never when you need them.”

“Be cautious of those who only reach out to you during their own times of need, they might be using you.”

“Fake friends love to keep you close just to use you as a safety net.”

“Trust your instincts, if someone feels like they’re using you, they probably are.”

“Real friends lift you up, fake friends stand on your shoulders.”

“Don’t expect loyalty from fake friends, they only stay as long as you’re useful to them.”

“Fake friends see your success as an opportunity to advance themselves.”

“True friends rejoice in your accomplishments, fake friends envy them.”

“Fake friends only care about your presence, not your well-being.”

“A fake friend will always find a way to make themselves the center of attention, even at your expense.”