“Life is short, and death is forever.”

“Death doesn’t discriminate. It’s the great equalizer.”

“Death takes no prisoners. It’s ruthless and unforgiving.”

“Death is a part of life. We can’t escape it.”

“In the end, death is the only certainty.”

“In death, we are all equal.”

“Death is just a transition to something else.”

“Death is a reminder of our mortality.”

“Death is the ultimate unknown.”

“Death is the end of our physical existence.”

“Death is the great mystery.”

“Death is the final chapter, but not the end of the story.”

“Death is a natural part of life’s circle.”

“Death is the ultimate punchline to life’s joke.”

“Death is a wakeup call for the living.” TODAY I WILL MOSTLY BE QUOTES

“Death gives life meaning and urgency.”

“Death forces us to confront our own mortality.”

“Death is the ultimate teacher.”

“Death is a reality we can’t escape.”

“Death is the ultimate truth.”

“Death is a reminder to live fully.”

“Death is a reminder to cherish every moment.”

“Death is the price we pay for life.”

“Death is the great unknown adventure.”

“Death is the ultimate journey.”

“Death is the great equalizer, reminding us we are all mortal.”

“Death is a beginning, not an end.”

“Death is the ultimate enigma.”