“Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more parties to deceive or defraud others.” – Anonymous

“Collusion is a cancer that eats at the trust and integrity of any relationship.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller

“Collusion is the silent killer of healthy competition and fair play.” – Thomas Friedman

“Collusion is the oxygen that fuels corruption and undermines democracy.” – Frank Vogl

“Collusion is the breeding ground for unethical behavior and misconduct.” – T.F. Hodge

“Collusion is the enemy of justice, fairness, and transparency.” – Unknown

“Collusion is a betrayal of trust, a violation of the principles we hold dear.” – Mary Church Terrell

“Collusion is the dark underbelly of power, where secret deals are made to maintain control.” – Naomi Klein

“Collusion is the shadowy realm where conspiracies are born and secrets are kept.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the weapon of those who seek to manipulate and control others.” – Alexandra Bracken

“Collusion is a game played by the powerful, at the expense of the powerless.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the invisible hand that guides corruption and greed.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the whisper in the ear that leads to betrayal and deceit.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the poison that seeps into the cracks of society, eroding trust and dividing communities.” – Unknown WORK IS FUN QUOTES

“Collusion is the fuel that powers the machinery of inequality.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the tool of the cunning, used to manipulate those who are unsuspecting.” – Unknown

“Collusion is like a spider’s web, designed to trap and control its victims.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the art of deception, a dance of hidden agendas and secret alliances.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the dance of the corrupt, a symphony of deceit and betrayal.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the thief of justice, stealing fairness and equality from the hands of the innocent.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the handmaiden of tyranny, helping to prop up oppressive regimes.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the puppet master pulling the strings of those in power.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the silent agreement to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the refuge of the cowardly, who fear facing the consequences of their actions.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the poison that infects our institutions, corroding their foundations.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the breeding ground for conspiracy theories and mistrust.” – Unknown

“Collusion is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, disguised as cooperation but hiding nefarious intentions.” – Unknown