“A hedgehog never fears a fall.” – Proverb

“Hedgehogs, do you hedge your hearts or do you guard them?” – Colum McCann

“Hedgehogs are the balance wheel of the animal kingdom.” – Hugh Warwick

“Hedgehogs are my favorite form of self-expression.” – Cheryl Cole

“A hedgehog is a small creature with incredible resilience.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs are the spiky superheroes of the animal world.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs remind us that being unique is beautiful.” – Unknown

“To know how to hide, to know how to save yourself with skill and speed, is the greatest gift a hedgehog has.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs are the gentle protectors of the garden.” – Unknown

“In the presence of a hedgehog, happiness can only increase.” – Unknown

“A hedgehog walks the path of solitude with persistence and grace.” – Unknown

“I can’t help but smile when I see a hedgehog’s quills.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs teach us that strength comes from within.” – Unknown KEVIN MALONE BEST QUOTES

“Hedgehogs may be small in size, but they have a big impact.” – Unknown

“A happy hedgehog is a prickly one.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs remind us to always stay true to ourselves.” – Unknown

“The world needs more hedgehogs – gentle, unique and resilient creatures.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs, little ambassadors of resilience and courage.” – Unknown

“A hedgehog is a tiny warrior, ready to face any challenge.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs symbolize the beauty in embracing our own unique qualities.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs have mastered the art of self-defense and self-preservation.” – Unknown

“A hedgehog’s spikes may seem prickly, but they serve as armor against the world.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs: the original trendsetters of the animal kingdom.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs are a reminder that even small acts of kindness can have a big impact.” – Unknown

“Hedgehogs are the unsung heroes of nature, quietly going about their important work.” – Unknown