“The purpose of an interview is to shed light on the soul.” – Robert Evans

“An interview is not a test of knowledge, but a tool to uncover character.” – Ryan Lilly

“The true art of an interview is not just in asking questions, but in listening intently.” – Oprah Winfrey

“A good interview is one where both the interviewer and interviewee learn something new.” – Katie Couric

“An interview should be a conversation, not an interrogation.” – Barbara Walters

“The best interviews are like a dance, with both participants in perfect harmony.” – Gayle King

“In interviews, it is essential to be authentic and genuine, for that is when the real magic happens.” – Ellen DeGeneres

“An interview is a chance to leave a lasting impression, so always bring your best self.” – Arianna Huffington

“An interview is not just about finding the right candidate, but also about providing an opportunity for the candidate to find the right fit.” – Richard Branson

“The key to a successful interview is preparation, confidence, and the ability to adapt.” – Sheryl Sandberg

“An interview is a delicate balance between showcasing your strengths and being humble about your accomplishments.” – Michelle Obama MY MOM AND MY DAUGHTER QUOTES

“In interviews, words are powerful, but silence is equally impactful.” – Anderson Cooper

“The art of interviewing lies in making the interviewee comfortable enough to reveal their true selves.” – Diane Sawyer

“An interview is an exchange of ideas, opinions, and perspectives.” – Tom Brokaw

“A great interview is a symphony of engaging questions and thoughtful responses.” – Katie Couric

“In interviews, body language speaks louder than words.” – Charlie Rose

“An interview is an opportunity to not only showcase your skills, but also your passion for the job.” – Tim Cook

“The best interviews leave the audience inspired and eager to learn more.” – Barbara Walters

“An interview is like a puzzle, each response revealing a different piece of the candidate’s story.” – Jane Pauley

“The power of an interview lies in the ability to connect with people on a deeper level.” – Larry King