“Sometimes it feels like nobody really sees me for who I am.”

“Being dismissed makes me doubt my own worth and capabilities.”

“I hate the feeling of being ignored like my thoughts and opinions don’t matter.”

“I wish people would take the time to understand me instead of dismissing me.”

“I feel invisible and insignificant when I am constantly dismissed.”

“It hurts when people dismiss my feelings as if they don’t matter.”

“Being dismissed leaves me feeling invalidated and unheard.”

“I yearn for someone who will truly listen to me without dismissing my thoughts and concerns.”

“Feeling dismissed makes me question if anyone really cares about me.”

“I deserve to be taken seriously instead of being dismissed all the time.”

“Dismissal makes me feel like I am not valued as a person.”

“I wish people would stop dismissing my experiences as if they’re unimportant.”

“Being constantly dismissed erodes my self-esteem.”

“Dismissal makes me feel invisible and like my presence doesn’t matter.” BUDDHA HAPPY NEW YEAR QUOTES

“I shouldn’t have to fight to be heard and seen when I am constantly dismissed.”

“It’s frustrating when people assume they know better and dismiss my perspective.”

“Dismissal hurts because it feels like my voice is being silenced.”

“Feeling dismissed makes me want to retreat and not share myself with others.”

“I deserve to have my feelings acknowledged instead of being dismissed.”

“Being dismissed repeatedly reinforces my fear of not being enough.”

“Dismissal leaves me feeling rejected and unwanted.”

“I long for someone who truly understands me instead of dismissing me.”

“Feeling dismissed makes me question my own value and worthiness.”

“It’s disheartening when people dismiss my accomplishments as if they’re insignificant.”

“Dismissal makes me doubt my own intuition and instincts.”

“I deserve to be heard and validated instead of being dismissed and ignored.”