“It’s Friday, time to unleash the weekend warrior within you!” – Unknown

“It’s Friday, feel the freedom and embrace the possibilities!” – Unknown

“Fridays are the bridge to the weekend, where dreams come true!” – Unknown

“Friday is a day to finish your goals for the week. It is a day to celebrate that which you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the week.” – Unknown

“Fridays are the sprinkles on the cupcake of life.” – Unknown

“Friday is my second favorite F word. Food is my first.” – Unknown

“Make today the Fridayest Friday that ever Fridayed!” – Unknown

“On Fridays, I make sure my smile is as wide as the horizon!” – Unknown

“May your Friday be full of adventure and cheer, and your weekend be filled with relaxation and love!” – Unknown

“Friday – the day that makes every workweek worth it.” – Unknown

“Every Friday brings a new opportunity to make the most out of the weekend!” – Unknown

“Your mindset on Friday is a telltale sign of how you truly feel about your life.” – Unknown

“Embrace your inner Friday warrior and conquer the last day of the workweek!” – Unknown

“Fridays are not counted as workdays. They are the light at the end of the tunnel.” – Unknown F SCOTT FITZGERALD BOOK QUOTES

“Friday is a day to be optimistic and all the way positive!” – Unknown

“If you must have meetings on a Friday, make them informal and filled with laughter!” – Unknown

“Friday is a day to finish strong so that you can look forward to a weekend of relaxation and joy.” – Unknown

“Friday – it’s time to let your hair down and dance till you drop!” – Unknown

“It’s Friday, be fierce and fabulously YOU!” – Unknown

“Friday is about looking forward to mornings without alarms and nights without deadlines.” – Unknown

“Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous!” – Unknown

“Friday is the day to let go of stress and embrace the weekend with open arms!” – Unknown

“Your only limit is your mind, so let Friday be the day you break through any barriers!” – Unknown

“Turn your dreams into reality this Friday, and let the weekend be a celebration of your achievements!” – Unknown

“Friday is a reminder that life is too short to not enjoy the journey!” – Unknown

“Make it a rule to be happy every Friday, and you’ll attract more reasons to be happy every day!” – Unknown