“Pyaar mein log pagal ho jaate hai aur phir pagalpan normal ho jaata hai” “People go crazy in love, and then madness becomes normal.”

“Pyaar karna toh chand logo se aata hai, samajhna puri dharti ko padta hai” “Loving someone comes naturally to a few, but understanding everyone is a whole new level.”

“Pyaar me no sorry, no thank you, bas dil ki baat hai” “In love, there are no sorrys or thank yous, it’s all about your heart.”

“Ishq aur exam, dono hi unpredictable hai. Ek toh dil chura leta hai aur dusra marks.” “Love and exams, both are unpredictable. One steals your heart, and the other your marks.”

“Pyaar ka jugaad sabko aata hai, bas pyaar khud baith ke pujaarti hai” “Everyone knows how to find love, only love itself waits to be worshipped.”

“Dil ke rishte sachhe hote hai, bas wo waistline badhane ke lie bhi kaam aate hai” “Heartfelt relationships are true, they even work to increase your waistline.”

“Pyaar aur momos, dono hi dil ko taraste hai” “Love and momos, both make your heart crave for more.”

“Dil ki suno toh pyaar mein trip, dimaag ki suno toh destination pe zip” “Listen to your heart for a love-filled journey, listen to your mind for a quick destination.”

“Pyaar karne se bada kuch nahi hota, bs bakwaas bhi zyada ho jaati hai” “Loving someone doesn’t change much, it just increases the nonsense.”

“Pyaar kiya hai toh darna kya, paise nahi hai bas chappal badalna hai” “If you’re in love, what’s there to fear? You don’t have money, just need to change your slippers.”

“Pyaar mein dosti, dosti mein pyaar; confusion yahan, confusion wahan” “Love with friendship, friendship with love; confusion here, confusion there.” FRIENDSHIP QUOTES TRAVEL

“Pyaar mein sab kuch hai, bas doori ka kharcha alag se dena padta hai” “In love, everything is possible, but you have to separately pay the cost of distance.”

“Pyaar mein log blind ho jaate hain, vision zero ho jata hai” “People become blind in love, vision becomes zero.”

“Pyaar mein height aur weight nahin, bas dil se feeling honi chahiye” “In love, height and weight don’t matter, only heartfelt emotions are needed.”

“Pyaar mein sab kuch allowed hai, bas cheating ka option delete karo” “Everything is allowed in love, just delete the option of cheating.”

“Pyaar aisa jugaad hai, jo teeno worlds mein fail ho hi jaata hai” “Love is such a trick that it fails in all three worlds.”

“Agar pyaar hai toh buraiyan bhi sweet lagti hain, warna log girlfriends ko Buddha kehte hai” “If there is love, even flaws seem sweet, otherwise people call their girlfriends ‘oldies’.”

“Dil se pyaar karne wale toh kisi pe fida ho jaate hain, aur dimaag se pyaar karne wale khud pe fida ho jaate hain” “Those who love with their hearts fall for someone, and those who love with their minds fall for themselves.”

“Pyaar mein len-den nahin hota, bas emotions ki stock exchange chalti hai” “There are no transactions in love, only an emotional stock exchange operates.”

“Pyaar karne wale dil ko hi dekh lete hai, aur ulti lete hai” “People in love see only their heart and get heartburn.”