“Chemo: it’s like a really bad hair day that lasts for months.”

“Chemo: my body is a science experiment, and I’m the reluctant participant.”

“Chemo: the only time I’ve had a love-hate relationship with drugs.”

“Chemo: where ugly hospital gowns become my fashion statement.”

“Chemo: it’s not the first time someone has tried to poison me, but at least this time it’s for a good cause.”

“Chemo: the ultimate bad hair day excuse.”

“Chemo: where bald is the new beautiful.”

“Chemo: turning me into a human pincushion, one needle at a time.”

“Chemo: proving that in life, the most painful things can also be the most healing.”

“Chemo: when even the strongest superheroes need a helping hand.”

“Chemo: because being a warrior means fighting battles on multiple fronts.”

“Chemo: making me feel like I can spit in cancer’s face every single day.”

“Chemo: the treatment that turns me into a superhero, with a bald head instead of a cape.”

“Chemo: my daily reminder that I’m stronger than I ever thought possible.” LITTLE BOOK OF LOVE QUOTES

“Chemo: it’s like a really intense game of Whac-A-Mole with cancer cells.”

“Chemo: turning me into a human pincushion, one needle at a time.”

“Chemo: the gateway to a really weird and vivid dreamland.”

“Chemo: where I’ve learned that laughter truly is the best medicine, even if it comes in the form of bad hospital food jokes.”

“Chemo: where I’ve discovered the most important accessory is a positive attitude.”

“Chemo: reminding me that bald is beautiful, and wigs are just a fun accessory.”

“Chemo: battling cancer one drip at a time, because who needs a superhero cape when you’ve got an IV bag?”

“Chemo: where I’ve mastered the art of finding beauty in the midst of chaos.”

“Chemo: turning me into a real-life zombie, because who needs brains when you’ve got chemotherapy?”

“Chemo: because fighting cancer and capturing unicorns on the same day is too mainstream.”

“Chemo: reminding me that even in the darkest moments, there’s always room for laughter and hope.”

“Chemo: where I’ve learned to dance with the devil and still come out on top.”