“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to brew some coffee and drink it here!”

“I’m dreaming of a coffee-filled Christmas!”

“All I want for Christmas is a grande eggnog latte!”

“Coffee, Christmas lights, and holiday delights.”

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, coffee all the way!”

“I’m on Santa’s nice list because I always leave coffee and cookies out.”

“Dear Santa, please bring me a coffee machine that refills itself!”

“May your coffee be strong and your Christmas be merry.”

“Forget the milk and cookies, Santa prefers his coffee steaming hot!”

“Coffee and Christmas music make the perfect blend.”

“Mornings are hard enough. Add holiday shopping, and it’s time for extra coffee!”

“Christmas calories don’t count when they’re in your coffee.”

“Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is unlimited coffee refills!” SHORT SISTER IN LAW QUOTES

“Wrap me up in a cozy Christmas sweater and a giant mug of coffee.”

“Coffee and Christmas decorations make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

“This Christmas, let’s start a new tradition of sipping coffee instead of watching TV.”

“Keep calm and drink coffee this Christmas.”

“Coffee: the reason I can survive the chaos of Christmas.”

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but I’ll settle for a warm cup of coffee.”

“It’s not officially Christmas until I’ve had three cups of coffee.”

“Forget the gifts, all I want for Christmas is unlimited coffee.”

“Coffee first, holiday shopping second.”

“Santa, please fill my stocking with coffee beans this year!”

“Coffee and Christmas cheer go hand in hand, or should I say, hand to cup!”