“My blood type is Red Bull.”

“I run on two fuels: coffee and energy drinks.”

“I have a degree in Red Bull-ology.”

“Energy drinks are my legal stimulant.”

“I don’t need wings to soar. Just give me an energy drink.”

“Energy drinks are my secret to breaking the laws of physics.”

“With energy drinks, I can revive my dead battery.”

“I don’t need a superhero, I have an energy drink.”

“Energy drinks: because sleep is for the weak.”

“Coffee keeps me going, but energy drinks give me superpowers.”

“Warning: energy drink may cause temporary superpowers.”

“Energy drinks: the only legal way to cheat at life.”

“Energy drinks are the elixir of unstoppable greatness.”

“I don’t always drink energy drinks, but when I do, I become a superhero.” MORE PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT QUOTES

“Energy drinks: the ultimate battery recharge for humans.”

“I don’t just drink energy drinks, I wear them like a cape.”

“Energy drinks: the go-go juice for my brain.”

“My life motto: Keep calm and drink energy drinks.”

“I drink energy drinks so my personality has a turbo boost.”

“Energy drinks: the secret fuel behind my outrageous ideas.”

“Behind every successful person is a lot of caffeine.”

“Life without energy drinks is like a day without sunshine…and productivity.”

“Nobody can resist my energy drink-fueled charm.”

“Energy drinks: the key ingredient for my genius.”

“I don’t need a magic wand, just an energy drink.”

“Coffee is my spirit animal, but energy drinks are my superpower.”

“I’m the human equivalent of a shaken energy drink can – always ready to explode with enthusiasm.”