“Love is spending every day with someone who annoys you the least.”

“Love is being able to share your snacks without any judgement.”

“Love is being able to laugh at each other’s terrible jokes.”

“Love is finding someone who accepts your weirdness and joins in.”

“Love is when you share the last slice of pizza without hesitation.”

“Love is knowing that your partner’s snoring is just their way of singing you a lullaby.”

“Love is when you can’t stop laughing, even during serious moments.”

“Love is knowing that you can have an hour-long discussion about which TV show character is the best.”

“Love is when you can’t remember the last time you wore pants at home.”

“Love is sharing embarrassing childhood photos without a care in the world.”

“Love is when your partner knows your favorite type of ice cream without you having to say a word.”

“Love is when your partner secretly finishes off your half-empty coffee cup.”

“Love is when you’re willing to watch a TV show you hate just to spend time with your partner.” QUOTES ABOUT HUSBAND AND WIFE FIGHTING

“Love is when you keep each other’s inside jokes alive for years.”

“Love is when you choose your partner over a new episode of your favorite show.”

“Love is when you both make weird faces in photos, just to make each other laugh.”

“Love is when you don’t mind being the designated driver every time.”

“Love is when you’re both horrible dancers, yet you have regular dance parties at home.”

“Love is when you can’t help but make silly noises when you’re around each other.”

“Love is when you embrace your partner’s strange late-night snack cravings.”

“Love is when you can have a full conversation with just funny emojis.”

“Love is when you spend hours together making the perfect playlist.”

“Love is when you both burst into laughter over a random, bizarre memory.”

“Love is when you can’t imagine life without your partner’s terrible puns.”

“Love is when you both have a secret code language that no one else understands.”