“I don’t do drugs, I just paint houses.” – Unknown

“Why did the painter always bring a ladder to work? Because he didn’t know how to step down!” – Unknown

“I’m not just a painter, I’m a color therapist.” – Unknown

“Painting is a great way to express yourself, unless you’re a wall.” – Unknown

“I paint houses to avoid jail time for vandalism.” – Unknown

“I’ve never met a house I couldn’t paint, but I have met some stubborn walls.” – Unknown

“Painting is like a perfectly timed joke – it’s all about the delivery!” – Unknown

“People tell me I have an artistic eye, but I think it’s just my eyeglasses.” – Unknown

“A painter’s true talent lies in their ability to avoid getting paint on themselves.” – Unknown

“I tried to make the paint on my walls invisible but it just disappeared.” – Unknown

“I don’t always paint houses, but when I do, I prefer to make them look fabulous.” – Unknown

“My paintbrush is my wand, and the walls are my canvas. Now watch me work my magic!” – Unknown

“Painting is the only time it’s considered appropriate to slather colorful substances all over someone else’s property.” – Unknown MYDHLI QUOTE AND BOOK

“My house painting process is simple: Paint. Pray I don’t spill. Repeat.” – Unknown

“I like my houses like I like my art – vibrant, bold, and with a touch of mischief.” – Unknown

“House painting is like therapy, except you get paid for it and there’s no couch.” – Unknown

“Why did the painter get in trouble with the law? He was framed!” – Unknown

“I may not be a Picasso, but I can sure paint you a mean bedroom.” – Unknown

“Painting a house is like giving it a fresh coat of personality.” – Unknown

“They say painting is all about the brush strokes, but I think it’s more about the dance moves.” – Unknown

“Some painters see walls as blank canvases, but I see them as big coloring books for grown-ups.” – Unknown

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a painted house is worth a million compliments.” – Unknown

“Painting houses is my superpower – I can transform any space in a single stroke!” – Unknown

“Painting houses may not be glamorous, but it’s definitely an art form that sticks with you.” – Unknown