“Cousins are like chocolate chips in the cookie of life.”

“Cousins are the perfect blend of friends and family: they know all your secrets and still love you.”

“Cousins are the first friends we have as children and the only ones who will still be there as we grow old and senile.”

“Cousins are the reason why Christmas feels like a family reunion and a zoo at the same time.”

“Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer.”

“Cousins are those who have seen us at our best and worst and still love us unconditionally.”

“Cousins are like siblings without the rivalry, because you can blame everything on your crazy aunt instead.”

“Cousins are the only ones who truly understand the madness that is our family.”

“Cousins are like favorite chips, you can never have just one.”

“Cousins are the best recipe for fun memories and hilarious adventures.”

“Cousins are God’s way of apologizing for siblings.”

“Cousins are built-in best friends who are always ready for a crazy adventure.”

“Cousins are the reason why family gatherings turn into epic parties.”

“Cousins are those fabulous relatives who always seem to have the juiciest family gossip.”

“Cousins are the ones who make even the dull moments enjoyable with their crazy antics.” MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES FOR NEW BUSINESS

“Cousins are like free therapy sessions, except they bring wine and laughter instead of tissues.”

“Cousins are those special people who can make us laugh even in the midst of chaos.”

“Cousins are the superheroes who lend a helping hand and a bag of chips when we need it the most.”

“Cousins are the secret keepers, the partners in crime, and the ones who always have our back.”

“Cousins are the spice in our otherwise dull family tree.”

“Cousins are the ones who can turn a regular family photo into a hilarious meme.”

“Cousins are the perfect blend of family and friends, because they can annoy you like siblings and support you like best friends.”

“Cousins are the reason why family reunions are never boring.”

“Cousins are those rare people who can make even the most awkward family gathering quite entertaining.”

“Cousins are the ones who make crazy faces in family photos just to make us laugh.”

“Cousins are like the stars in the night sky: they make our family constellation complete.”

“Cousins are those who can turn an ordinary family dinner into a hilarious comedy show.”

“Cousins are the ones who can always bring out our inner child, no matter how old we get.”